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Jack The Ripper Museum

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About Jack The Ripper Museum

Jack The Ripper Museum is a very interesting place that is dedicated to the murders that took place in London in the year 1888. It is located in a Victorian house in the Whitechapel area and showcases the murders that were commiited by Jack the Ripper in the year of 1888, east London district. A rough estimate is put that about 5-11 murders took place there in a span of 4 years and remained unsolved for the longest period of time.

This museum was found by Mark Palmer where you can discover everything about the murders that took place there along with the police investigations, the neighborhood and the main suspects. Herein, the stairs are lined up with the victim's personal details like their names, ages and even muder locations with newspaper reports and illustrations. Furthermore, there are actors who enact these crime scenes and there are countless artifacts, exbitis and items that weren’t open to the public eye so far and have opened up. They also offer a Jack the Ripper Museum Walk that takes you through the entire six floors and lets you explore his study, his tools, weapons and the diffeent rooms where he committed those murders.


Why Book Jack The Ripper Museum Tickets?


  • Jack the Ripper Museum London is the world’s only museum that is dedicated to the gruesome crimes committed by Jack the Ripper.

  • You will also gain a chance to witness the artifacts that were recovered from the museum and were never showcased to anybody except the direct authorities before the opening of this museum.

  • Delve into this dark history of London where these horrific crimes were committed and are enacted on stage.

  • Gain a chance to get inside the study of Jack and gain an in-depth understanding of the medical tools that he used, the books he read, the letters he wrote, his original drawings and even images of the autopsy.

  • There is also a tour of the room where one of the victims used to live and then got brutally murdered there.

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History Of Jack The Ripper Museum

Jack The Ripper Museum

Jack the Ripper Museum is located in a Victorian house in the Whitechapel area and started off as a plan to be built into a Museum of Women’s History. However, things didn't go as planned and the museum turned out to be Jack the Ripper Museum which resulted in a lot of protests because of two reasons. One, because the change of focus of the Museum wasn’t informed to others. Second, it was because of the marketing where on Halloween, people dressed up as Jack Ripper and glorified murders.

This resulted in owners blame-gaming each other and a lot of orders by the government that had to be complied with. Finally, in the year 2018, the museum got renovated and Palmer Edgecumb took up the ownership. Now, this Victorian building has six floors and organizes several exhibitions that are opened to the public with artifacts and evidence that were never shown. Although always under controversy or other, this doesn’t tarnish the museum’s fate as it still invites visitors from all over.

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Know Before You Book Jack The Ripper Museum Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach

  • The package includes only the entry cost. Any other expenses will have to be paid by the visitors themselves.

  • The museum remains closed on Christmas Eve after 4:30 pm and even on Christmas Day.

  • The number of people who can visit the museum are restricted upto a certain amount in order to avoid crowds there.

  • The entry ticket once paid for will not be refunded at any cost.

  • There is no price for children who visit the museum under 0-6 years of age. There is a discounted price for children aged between 7-15 years.

  • In case you are not a member of the country and are coming internationally, then your visa and passport details will be required at the time of your arrival.

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Jack The Ripper Museum FAQs

What is the best time to visit Jack The Ripper Museum?

The best time to visit Jack the Ripper Museum London are the early mornings as there is less crowd during the morning which allows you to move through the different areas smoothly.

Do we have to book in advance for Jack The Ripper Museum tickets?

Booking tickets in advance for Jack the Ripper Museum London will lead you to discounted prices that might not be available on the spot. Hence, yes, try booking the tickets in advance.

What is special about the Jack The Ripper Museum?

Jack the Ripper Museum London is actually a very controversial attraction as a lot of people had protested when it was opening up due to the subject it deals with. However, the aim of the museum is to educate folks about the history of these crimes and how to be aware of these things.

How long should one spend inside Jack The Ripper Museum?

You can spend about two to three hours inside Jack The Ripper Museum London as it spans about 6 floors along with numerous artifacts that date back to the times of those crimes. There are also actors who enact these crime scenes giving you accurate descriptions of what must have happened back then.

Do we need to buy Jack the ripper museum tickets for kids?

Children below the age of 6 years are admitted freely into Jack the Ripper Museum. Whereas, children aged between 7 years of age and 15 years are able to avail the tickets at child prices. Those who come above this category, i.e., 16 years and above are charged at adult prices.

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