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About Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor Resort is one of the greatest and most fantastic attractions that you should visit in your United Kingdom expedition. This theme park has amazing land zones, with splendid and new additions like merlin’s challenge and dragon roller coaster ride that will leave you in a breathtaking trance.

Not for the fainthearted, the flight of the lion, is a first of its kind flying theater with real life lego characters taking you on a fabulous expedition like never before. The fire and the iceball are other tower bridge free fall expeditions that you should not miss out on.

Discover the deep underwater and explore miracle findings in the city's deep adventure world that will take you on a splendid submarine dive into the base of the pool. Another gorgeous attraction is the magical forest that brings out Disney princesses and fantastic stories into splendid real life 4D characters. This walk-in attraction is a fantastic way to engage your kids in the world of fairy tales.

Let your kids enjoy the city driving school and get hands-on experience with driving around the park. The Legoland themed attraction also has splendid dining options and shopping centers that you can enjoy post your excursion.


Why To Book Legoland Resort Tickets

Book for Legoland Windsor tickets online and enjoy exclusive access to all fabulous attractions. Avoid the long rush at the counters, while enjoying amazing offers and coupons through booking online. Save you time and book from the comfort of your home, where you can select a time slot convenient to your schedule.

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  • With over four fabulous land zones, namely, the Dupo Valley, the Vikings, the Ninja Rides and more, Legoland is a perfect blend of fun and relaxation.
  • Ride all different fantastic roller coaster rides like the dragon, the hydra challenge and the merlin’s challenge and race with your friends for a heart pumping and adrenaline gushing riding experience.
  • Discover the miniature replicas of fantastic and iconic world attractions like Taj Mahal and London Eye at the mini land.
  • Hop in the lego diver and watch the underwater world in their incredible submarine.
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Tickets & Passes

Day Tickets
Extent The Fun

  • Enjoy exclusive access to all of Legoland's water and land attractions. Explore the theme land rides which are duplo valley, lego mythica, lego city and mini land.

  • Enjoy other splendid roller coaster rides as well. The ticket allows free access to kids below the age of 3. Enjoy all 55 of the fantastic rides in the park and make amazing memories.

  • The ride also includes wheelchair access to most of the coaster rides.

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Rides & Attractions at The Legoland Windsor Resort

The legoland Windsor Resort has an amusing number of rides and attractions that will leave you awe-struck with their fun elements. Hop in the Flight of a Sky Lion, Fire & Ice freefall and the Hydra’s challenges which are the most recent additions to the resort’s list of attractions.

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Sky lion.webp
Flight of a sky lion

The flight of the sky lion is one of the most extraordinary Legoland attractions, that will take you on a flying expedition wherein you will come face to face with Lego’s mystifying mythical creatures. In your Legoland Windsor Resort tickets, the flight of a sky lion is the newest addition and is a splendid flying theater, bringing all fantastic characters to life.

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Fire & Ice.webp
Fire & Ice freefall

Another thrilling addition to the Legoland Windsor Resort tickets are fire and ice freefall ride. In this amazing ride, you will experience a free fall from humongous tower bridges into nothingness. The fire and ice freefall might look easy but it's definitely not for the faint hearted. You will experience two breathtaking free fall drops that will definitely leave you shook.

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Hydra Challenge.webp
Hydra’s Challenges

The hydra’s challenges, lets you ride theme jet pods, in a humongous splash pool, where you will get the chance to target your opponents with water cannons and drench them. This fun ride is a definite inclusion in your Legoland Windsor Resort tickets. The fun tide can be done in the Lego mythica, and is absolutely perfect for your toddlers.

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City deep.webp
City Deep Sea Adventure

Perfect for your curious kids to spark their inquisitiveness, the city deep sea adventure has its base station deep under a pool giving off a submarine vibe. Challenge your friends for a deep dive into the pool in a submarine and discover the findings at the base of the pool that will leave you awe-struck. This is one of the most fun additions to the Legoland Windsor Resort tickets.

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Magical Forest.webp
The Magical Forest

A splendid looking yet mysterious, magical forest is one of the recent walk through attractions at the legoland resort. The woodland promises you a fun time ahead wherein you will get to meet fantastic lego creatures in their full glory. Set into the forest through the swirling vortex and find bits and bobs, lego venus fly trap, eight legged lego spider etc.

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City Driving.webp
City Driving School

The lego city driving school is one of the most fantastic ways to introduce your little ones to the world of driving. On absolutely safe cars, and good control, your kids will get a chance to steer the wheel and move across the legoland park on their own. This ride in your Legoland Windsor Resort tickets comes with safety hazards that are taken care of.

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NinjaGo Ride

Become a ninja and hone your best skills with ninja go ride which is a fantastic 4D attraction where lego heroes come alive. Show your skills and fight the villains here. The main characters here are Kai, Nya, Cole, Zane and Jay, battle and help them as they fight against the enemies of snake tribes and skeleton ghosts.

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Fairy tale.webp
Fairy Tale Brook

The fairy tale book attraction in your Legoland Windsor Resort tickets brings the best of disney characters into life. Witness snow white with their dwarfs and other beautiful princess characters in this walk through attractions. This attraction is perfect for your inquisitive toddlers and bookworms.

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Land To Discover

Duplo Valley.webp
Duplo Valley

The duplo valley is one of the largest land attractions here at the Legoland theme park. This has a plenty of rides ranging from exquisite land rides to fantastic water rides with fun elements that will make you come back for more. Ride the duplo dino coaster or walk through the fairy tale book with beautiful princesses and magical creatures that will impress you with their beauty.

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Knight Kingdom.webp
The Night Kingdom

The night kingdom is not for the faint hearted. These land attractions will test our strength and skills in their splendid rides like merlin’s challenge, the noble carousel, the dragon coaster ride. These will take you flying through the treetops and finally the dragon’s apprentice promising you a heart pumping roller coaster ride like never before.

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Mini Land

In your Legoland Windsor tickets you will get a chance to explore the mini land as well. At this land attraction you will find miniature replicas of some of the world's largest and iconic attractions like the pristine white marble Taj Mahal, the fantastic London Eye, Kennedy Space Center, the hustling Times Square, the amazing Sydney Opera House and more.

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land of vikings.webp
Land of Vikings

Another fantastic addition to the Legoland Windsor tickets is land of vikings. It is sure to get you drenched so do not forget to pack in an extra set of clothes! The viking river splash, is thrilling and a dun experience that you should hop into. Your toddlers can enjoy the spinning spider where they must use their skills and mind to not get entangled in the spider’s malicious webs.

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Theme Park Dining & Restaurants

  • The Lego store - Visit the Lego store also known for being one of the largest lego stores across the country and shop for amazing lego building blocks and other fun items.

  • Lego ninjago ride - This shopping center is for inquisitive kids who wish to enhance their ninja skills with fun elements, where you can shop for ninja weapons and become a master of spinjitzu.

  • Heartlake shopping mall - The heartlake city has something for everyone starting from, beautiful accessories like handbags to accessories that will engage you in a shopping spree in your Legoland Windsor tickets. Also shops for beautiful clothing, trendy slippers and stationary items here.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Resort Tickets

Legoland windsor resort

Essential Information

  • Location : Winkfield Rd, Windsor SL4 4AY, United Kingdom

  • Timings: Monday to Friday- 10am - 5pm Saturday to Sunday- 10am - 6pm

  • Best time to Visit - The best time to visit Legoland attraction is during the mid week days. During this time the park is less crowded which allows one to explore all land attractions and water rides without standing in long queues for the rides. Tourists can spend as much time as they want on all the rides and make splendid memories.


  • By Car/Cab: The meeting location- Legoland Windsor Resort is 2 miles away from the main city of Windsor and can be easily reached through private cabs from your accommodations. You can easily hire a cab or rent a vehicle to get there, it will be about 5 minutes drive from the city center of Windsor.

  • By Train: There's a train every 8 minutes that runs from Paddington Station at 2:50 PM and the journey will be of 1 hour 3 minutes approx and is fun and relaxing as well.

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Do we need to book Legoland Windsor Resort tickets in advance?

One can book tickets from the counter and online as well, but we suggest you book tickets in advance. You can book for Legoland Windsor Resort tickets online and enjoy exclusive discounts and inclusions. By booking online tickets for Legoland Windsor Resort you can avoid long queues at the booking counter and get easy access to all water and land attractions as well. Online booking includes fantastic offers and discounts as well.

Are there parking facilities in Legoland Resort tickets London?

Your Legoland Windsor tickets include guest parking. You can enjoy paying parking at the tollbooth and enjoy the facility for as long as you want.

Are there age and height restrictions for rides in Legoland?

Yes, there are age and height restrictions at Legoland. Most of the roller coaster rides like flight of the sky lion, fire and ice ball and hydra’s challenge require to be a minimum of 1 meter. There are age restrictions for 3 years and above for rides like, lego city driving school, the dragon, and the ninjago ride. All rides have their restrictions mentioned at the entrance which will help you get the idea.

Is Legoland resort the best place for a summer holiday?

Yes, Legoland resort is definitely one of the greatest places for summer holidays that will engage you and your family in fantastic land and water rides. There are a plethora of land attractions like duplo valley and viking, as well as fun walk-in attractions that you can explore for an entire day.

What is the best way to buy the Legoland Windsor tickets?

The best way to buy Legoland Windsor tickets is through their official website. Checkout for inclusion, discounts and offers and avoid the hustle and long queues at the counter.

Can I buy the Legoland Windsor tickets online?

Yes, you can book for Legoland Windsor Resort tickets online and enjoy exclusive discounts and inclusions. By booking online you can get the tickets for reasonable Legoland Windsor Resort tickets price and you can avoid long queues at the booking counter and get easy access to all water and land attractions as well.

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