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London In March - Overview

London in March is beautiful, with the first sign of spring coming and a cool breeze going on. It makes London mesmerizing, especially witnessing the magical Kew gardens, which are blossoming with flowers, like lilies and orchids. Also, the weather is mild, with the temperature ranging between 10 and 6 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for long walks along the Tower Bridge or the Kew Gardens.

With days getting longer and brighter, visiting the beautiful Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace is on the bucket list of most tourists, as the crowds are few. It allows them to thoroughly explore the famous landmark without having to wait in line for hours. Furthermore, there are many things to do in London in March, as it is abuzz with events and activities. The thrilling head of the river race is one of the most popular things to do in London in March. It is one of London's most coveted athletic legacies, and millions flock to the Thames River to watch it.

If you enjoy museums, London in March has many open until late events coupled with food and drinks for everyone. Furthermore, all famous landmarks are open to the public in March, and there are fewer crowds, so you can enjoy them in peace.

Things To Do In London In March

In March, London is stunning as the winters give way to the dazzling springs and their beauty. This makes it perfect to tour the beautiful Kew gardens or learn about the history of Windsor Castle. Furthermore, London in March, hosts the annual London Coffee Festival, an ideal event for coffee enthusiasts to attend and sample over 250 brewed coffees, as well as music and fine dining.

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The Shard, London
Enjoy Views From The Shard

The Shard, or Shard of Glass, is a 72-story skyscraper and scientific marvel that dominates London's skyline. It is the most popular building in London, offering the highest viewpoint of beautiful London in March, up to 40 miles, and you can also wine and dine at The Shard. On the 52nd floor, you can enjoy a drink, while from the 31st to the 33rd floors, you can enjoy food ranging from Chinese cuisine to British delicacies. Buy tickets for the Shard view to enjoy the indoor gallery, multimedia tells cope, and open-air deck on the 72nd floor.

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Tower of London
Explore The Tower of London

Since 1399, the Tower of London has been home to a diverse array of jewels, arts, ravens, and more. The tower is home to 23,578 gemstones from all over the globe, which you can see in the crown jewels while also learning why ravens are considered the guardians of the tower. You can also take the Yeoman Warders tour to learn about the impenetrable prison. The tour tells the captivating story of imprisonment, torture, and execution. Visiting the Tower of London in March allows you to enjoy the massive edifice in peace due to the longer daylight hours.

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Kew Gardens
Stroll Around The Kew Gardens

Around 30-minutes away from central London is the beautiful Kew Gardens, the most spectacular botanical garden in the world. One of the best things to do in London in March is to visit this garden as the spring makes the flowers bloom, with a tranquil scene welcoming you. The Kew Garden tickets lets you enjoy the three art galleries, Kew Palace, a treetop walkway, and 326 acres of gardens. Another highlight of Kew Gardens is the Arboretum, Standing at 17 meters tall. It is a hive structure mimicking sound and visual effects of a real beehive. End the trip here with hot meals at the restaurants and café in the gardens.

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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
Visit SEA Life London

One of the best activities to do in London in March with kids is to visit SEA LIFE London. Enjoy and learn more about marine life here, with over 50 aquariums around the globe and two sanctuaries housing over 180,000 creatures. Be daring enough to explore the rainforest adventure here, which will make you come face to face with magnificent beasts, like crocodiles or Goliath bird-eating Tarantula. Or walk beneath the ocean to see jellyfish, rays, seahorses, and sharks with only a glass tunnel separating you. Your kid will love the Peppa Pig event, where a giant Peppa Pig takes you to become friends with the beautiful creatures here.

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Windsor castle
Stop By Windsor Castle

Built-in the 11th century, Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied palace in the world, where until her death, Her Majesty, the Queen, lived. Windsor Castle, home to 40 monarchs, is a 40-minute drive from London and a must-visit in March with fewer crowds. Enjoy walking the beautiful grounds of Windsor Castle and visiting the epitome of Gothic architecture in England-St. George’s Chapel. It is the holy ground for the burial of many monarchs, including Queen Victoria II. Explore the treasures of the castle and other parts open to the public. If you go on Thursdays and Saturdays in March, you can watch a spectacular changing of the guard ceremony as well.

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Camden Market
Shop At Camden Market

Shopping at Camden Market is one of the best things to do in London in March due to the fewer tourists. A known market with over 1000 shops, stalls, cafes, and bars, it is a must-visit to eat and shop. Camden Lock Village will have clothes, accessories, and other things for everyone. While at Stable Market, you can shop for antiques, alternative clothing, and food. Next, head over to Poppies to enjoy authentic British fares like fish and chips or the unique but delicious ice cream at Chin Chin Labs. There is also live music and theater, with the most recent addition being the Peaky Blinders immersive experience.

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral Choir
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

In March, London commemorates the death anniversary of the Irish Saint Patrick. If you happen to be in London on March 17, join in on this grand celebration of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The parade begins at Piccadilly Circus and ends at the White House, with carnival floats and marching bands. You can be part of the parade or directly go to Trafalgar Square, where major celebrations with food, music, and dance happen. Also, families can be part of art, exhibitions, activities, and more that will make their day memorable. Lastly, head to an Irish pub/café to enjoy the authentic food of this culture.

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Cruising at river thames
Enjoy Head Of The River Race

Head of the River Race is an annual rowing race that takes place on the Thames River every March in London. An athletic legacy it brings over multiple teams of eight rowers to compete against one another and win. The spectacular race event, also known as 'London’s other marathon,' sees teams racing for 22 miles between Millwall and Richmond to determine the UK’s traditional boat champion. For the best view, go to Hammersmith Bridge or Barnes Bridge to view 300 boats of all types competing to be the winner.

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Have Fun At London Coffee Festival

London in March hosts the captivating annual London Coffee festival, which you must be a part of. Over 30,000 coffee lovers, professional baristas, DJs, food vendors, and coffee shop owners come to be a part of this festival. This annual festival in Brick Lane, London, sees over 250 brewers offering workshops and tastings of their coffee, along with food and music to keep you entertained. Another best thing to do here is to drink the delicious and experimental coffee cocktails that will blow your mind. Book tickets in advance to be part of this incredible annual festival.

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What can I see in London in March?

There are many things to see in March in London, like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or enjoying London’s coffee festival. Visit the grand Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest occupied castle, in its full glory in March. Or take a closer look at the sea life by walking through the ocean tunnel at London's SEA Life. If you want an unforgettable experience, take a day trip from London to see the beautiful stone blocks at Stonehenge. You can also visit the famous Big Ben, Alexandra Palace, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace.

What is the best time to visit London?

March through early June and September through November are the best times to visit London. The weather is pleasant, and there is less crowding, allowing you to explore landmarks such as Kensington Palace and the London Eye.

Why should one visit London in March?

London in March is a traveler’s paradise, as after the long winter, flowers, and sunshine welcome the tourists. Moreover, the number of travelers is low during March, meaning tourists will find cheaper accommodations and flights with ease. Apart from this, many festivals and events are happening in London during March to make your visit memorable.

How many days do you need in London?

Three to four days in London are enough to explore the best and most famous landmarks in the city, like Buckingham Palace, the ZSL zoo, the Tower of London, Big Ben, and more. If you plan to visit the nearby area of London, aim to stay here for a week.

What is the temperature in London in March?

Average temperatures range between 10 and 5 degrees Celsius. In March, London is transitioning from winter to a beautiful spring. Yet, the weather is a bit cold, with drizzling rain frequently.