New Year’s Eve London

New Year's Eve London

Celebrate This New Year In London & Make It An Unforgettable Experience
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New Year’s Eve London Overview

Welcome and celebrate the commencement of a new year at London which is well-known for its exorbitant festivities on New Year’s Eve. London is a vibrant, eclectic and dynamic city that is eminent for its rich heritage, magnificent landmarks, fascinating outdoor activities and luscious English cuisine. It is an age-old custom in England to celebrate the festival of New Year in a grand fashion along with friends and family. The celebration of New Year’s Eve London is very popular among the whole world as it holds some impressive festivities and a plethora of events and parties.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in London is an unforgettable experience that you would cherish for a lifetime. The magnificent fireworks display is the show stealer of the celebrations as it lightens up the city’s entire skyline. The people gather at London Eye and wait for the chimes of Big Ben to strike at midnight which is followed by the fireworks show. The New Year’s Day Parade is a wonderful event during which you can see performers dancing on the streets of London. You can also go ice-skating and on dinner cruises on Thames to enjoy the fireworks as well as live music shows on New Year’s Eve.

Why Celebrate New Year’s Eve in London?

London Eye
  • Celebrating the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year is a long-standing tradition in London that is rejoiced in high spirits.
  • London is a vivacious city that celebrates New Year’s Eve in the most extravagant way with glorious fireworks display, ice-skating activities, lavish parties, sumptuous dinner cruises and much more.
  • The whole city lights up in colourful ways making the New Years Eve London event and celebrations as much fun as possible.
  • The London fireworks show is one of the main reasons to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the city as it is a fabulous 12-minute display that makes the visitors go awe-inspiring.
  • You can go on a cruise on River Thames and witness the momentous landmarks of London like London Eye, The Shard, Westminster Bridge adorned in vivid decorations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.
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Top Things To Do In London On New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is a significant festivity in London that brings together the people of the city. Visitors from all over the world flock to London during this time to witness the famous New Year’s Eve celebrations. The evening witnesses several fun events like fireworks show, parade, ice-skating, cruise on Thames and a visit to iconic landmarks.

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Watch the Iconic Fireworks Display
Watch The Iconic Fireworks Display

New Year’s Eve London is a jubilant event celebrated with huge pomp and show and features a plethora of events. There can be no better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London than witnessing the extravagant midnight fireworks display that is gazed at by the whole world. This fireworks show lights up the entire city and illuminates all of central London’s attractions whose shadows sparkle in the waters of Thames. Around 100,000 people gather every year at the South Bank after hearing the chimes of Big Ben which signify the arrival of New Year. The city has designated viewpoints from Victoria Embankment to Westminster Bridge to witness this iconic show.

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Thames Evening Cruise
Go On A River Cruise On The Thames

London New Years Eve is made even more delightful with a luxurious cruise on the River Thames. The river cruise offers a scrumptious dinner and spectacular views of the fireworks display that takes place at the London Eye. There are many different cruises available and they all bestow the guests with amazing live New Year’s Eve London entertainment shows. You can choose dinner cruises, speedboat rides, or traditional boat trips, each of which offers a delicious 4-course dinner buffet, bar and drinks, leisure activities like disco and dance floor, and unparalleled views of the city’s landmarks as you sail through the River Thames.

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Ice Skating London
Go Ice Skating

To make your New Year’s Eve London a magical experience, go ice skating in the city’s outdoor skating rinks. Temporary ice rinks are set up in a splendid setting throughout the city during Christmas and New Year. Some of the popular locations in London where splendid skating rinks are set up are Hampton Court Palace, Somerset House, Queen’s House and Skylight London. You can either go on a daytime skating session or visit the rink during the night to enjoy skating in a vibrant backdrop adorned with Christmas lights. You can also enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or sip on a cocktail.

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New Year's Day Parade
New Year’s Day Parade

One of the best events of New Year’s Eve London is the iconic New Year’s Day Parade which is a marvellous show featuring 10,000 performers from around the world. The parade begins at noon from the Piccadilly Circus and goes through the streets of the West End of London including Regents Street, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square and ends at Whitehall. You can see street dancers, cheerleaders, brass bands, samba bands, Pandemonium drummers and Bhangra dancers sing, jig and skip during the parade. This noteworthy show of London New Years Eve lures millions of live spectators and reaches viewers across the world.

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New Year's Eve London
Visit Tower Bridge

Witnessing glorious views of the entire London city from the Tower Bridge is one of the most sought after New Year’s Eve London experiences. Tower Bridge is a renowned attraction to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London given its beautiful architecture and history. The bridge features glass walkways elevated 140 feet above the River Thames. It is a lovely vantage point that offers stunning views of the iconic fireworks display that is showcased on London New Years Eve. You can wait at the West Walkway of the bridge to see the midnight fireworks show illuminating the city and implying the start of a new year.

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Head To Westminster Bridge

If you wish to spend the night of New Years Eve London in a picturesque setting that provides great views of the city’s fireworks show, head to Westminster Bridge. The bridge is one of the many flyovers spanning across the River Thames and connects Westminster on the north to Lambeth on south. It is one among the oldest bridges of London and an architectural marvel from which you can capture panoramic views of the city and its attractions. You can get a view of the Big Ben from Westminster Bridge and hence you can watch the clock tick towards midnight before the onset of fireworks.

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New Year’s Eve London
Pay A Visit To The Shard

Visit The Shard to enjoy the celebration of New Years Eve London from a towering height close to the skies. The Shard is the tallest skyscraper in the United Kingdom with a height of 306 metres above the ground and has 72 floors. You can witness pretty vistas of the city gearing up for the New Year celebrations from the Skydeck on the 72nd floor of the building and The View from the Shard scenic spot. The soaring height of the skyscraper makes it a remarkable location to see the amazing fireworks show put up by the city on New Year’s Eve.

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London Eye At Night
Visit London Eye

London Eye is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the United Kingdom and the seventh tallest Observation Wheel in Europe that provides a bird’s eye view of the entire city. It is one of the most loved locations to celebrate New Year in London as you can watch the fireworks display and dance to the DJ playing music all night. The London Eye Fireworks is a world-famous New Years Eve London show that occurs during the midnight to welcome the start of a new year. You can also hear the chime of Big Ben that instigates the enchanting one-hour fireworks display over the London Eye.

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What are the best things to do in London on New Year’s Eve?

  • Witness the spectacular fireworks display
  • Go ice-skating
  • Attend New Year eve parties
  • Enjoy a lavish cruise with live entertainment on River Thames
  • Visit London Eye and The Shard to see the fireworks show
  • Dress up for a masquerade party
  • Walk down the Westminster Bridge

Where can I watch the fireworks in London on New Year’s Eve?

  • Westminster Bridge
  • London Eye
  • The Shard
  • Victoria Embankment
  • River Thames
  • Skybar London

How do I get around London on New Year's Eve?

By bus: Hop on Hop off buses and public buses are easily available for transit between different locations in London.

By tube: London Overground or Tube underground metro network is the most efficient way to move around during New Year’s Eve London.

By train: National Rail, TfL Rail and DLR train system are the available rail services to go around London.

By tram: London Tramlink is one of the easiest ways to move from one place to another in London.

What is special about London?

London is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the world and has something to offer for everyone. From rich history and vibrant culture to incredible food and iconic buildings, London is a luxurious cosmopolitan city that is also known as the global cultural capital. The internationally renowned attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, British Museum and Tower Bridge make the city even more special.

What is the best time to visit London?

The best time to visit London is during summer and late spring when the weather is mild and temperate. The holiday season during the winters in December and January is also the best time to visit London as the city is not crowded and looks beautiful covered in snow. The exuberant New Year celebration at midnight is another reason to visit London during December.