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Things To Do In South Kensington

Things to do in South Kensington are all about exploring the culturally rich area, its Victorian streets, museums, and beautiful garden squares. Historically a residential area to the upper-class British, South Kensington has many knowledgeable, royal, fun, and vintage experiences to offer. There are a plethora of things to do in South Kensington which offer a variety of experiences such as watching performances at the Royal Albert hall, spotting the Royals at Kensington, paying a visit to the Natural History Museum and many more.

The Royal Gardens, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Lady Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, Albert Memorial, etc, are some of the beautiful green spaces with vintage designs blending in modern arrangements that you can explore and admire.Housing museums that impart knowledge, Exploration of South Kensington includes visiting the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria, and Albert Museum. Apart from Victorian streets, museums, memorabilia, and gardens, you can spend lavishly at Harrods. One of the most popular high-end shopping centers in the United Kingdom, Harrods is an approximately 200-year-old luxury hub, mainly for fashion clothing where you can go on a shopping spree.

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Royal Albert Hall
See A Performance At Royal Albert Hall

Watching a performance at Royal Albert Hall is among the best things to do in South Kensington. In 1871, Queen Victoria inaugurated this building in memory of her late husband. You can even take a guided tour of the Royal Albert Hall, its Royal Retiring Room, and the Royal Entrance. Iconic shows, performances, and entertainment events are hosted in this building- like Shakespeare’s popular plays Hamilton, and Hamlet. Most jazz and classical music performances happen in the Royal Albert Hall. Even Rehearsals of such events happen in the same place. The hall witnesses multiple concerts of English Popstar Adele and various other artists.

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Spot The Royals At Kensington

Among all the things to do in South Kensington, the tour of the Royal Kensington Palace takes you a step closer to witnessing modern-day monarchy. Located 4.3 km away from London's Main City, the Royal Kensington Palace has been the residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. This palace has been a residence of several Royal family members since 300-years, and today it belongs to Prince of Wales William, and his wife Catherine. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the Royal family members. You can take a guided tour of this place to witness King’s apartments, and chambers, like the Privy Chamber, Presence Chamber, Gallery, and the gardens with enchanting flower plantations.

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Visit Harrods

Harrods is among the very few trustworthy and age-old departmental stores in the United Kingdom that houses more than 5000 clothing brands for men, and women alike. The shopping center dates back to 1849 and nestles 300 luxury stores, and 20+ restaurants to dine in. Apart from luxury fashion houses, this place encompasses a bookstore, high-end salons, and wellness clinics. You can spend time at the Harrods, shopping and savoring some great dishes in the many dine in places. Shopping from Harrods is one of the best things to do in South Kensington even celebrities do not shy away from exploring the place.

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Science museum
Explore Science Museum

Exploring Science Museum is one of the smartest things to do in South Kensington that lets you understand the history of discoveries and inventions. It is a historical museum that showcases the contributions of the British in the field of science, and technology. You can attend various exhibitions, and events to understand the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, genetics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. The museum houses several galleries to explore like the energy hall, exploring space, a modern hall, clock masters museum, wonderland, flight, medicine gallery, and many more.

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Hyde Park
Pay A Visit To Hyde Park

Relaxing amidst the natural beauty of Hyde Park is among the most serene things to do in South Kensington. The park’s lush greenery, fresh air, and beautiful structures make your visit delightful as you enter from the Grand Entrance. You can go on a picnic inside Hyde Park while sitting with blankets on the green grass and skate with your friends on the beautiful pavements. Or you can explore several memorials of this park like The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial, Crystal Palace, Holocaust Memorial, etc.

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Walk Around Kensington Garden

Visiting the Kensington Garden is one of the best things to do in South Kensington owing to its lush greenery and vibrant purple flowers. The Garden possesses a vintage design with a fountain and modern green pastureland. The park is popular for its Peter Pan Statue designed by George Frampton, and the Sculpture of Queen Victoria made by her daughter. The 900-year-old Elfin Oak Tree is present in the middle of the park. Furthermore, the park houses an 11 km long Memorial Walk, and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.

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Wander Around The Beautiful Victorian Streets

The beauty of the United Kingdom lies in its architecture, and the city of London has a four-millennium history! Traversing through the age-old Victorian streets lists itself top among the things to do in South Kensington. Despite the modernization, historically, South Kensington has been a residential area. You can wander around these Victorian streets, which are now a place with many restaurants, and cafes. There are several age-old gardens nestling in these streets with classic Victorian architecture.

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Albert Memorial
Pay Tribute At Albert Memorial

Located in Kensington Gardens, Albert Memorial is directly north of Royal Albert Hall. This memorial was established by Queen Victoria for her loving husband Prince Albert posthumously. The statue of Prince Albert sits ceremonially and faces Southwards holding the catalog of the then-organized Great Exhibition. It is made in gothic-revival style architecture to celebrate the interests, passion, and significance of the Prince Consort. Paying respects to Prince Albert the Great Consort gives you a glimpse of the lonely years of the Queen’s life as it is among the best things to do in South Kensington

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Victoria And Albert Museum
Visit Victoria And Albert Museum

There are many South Kensington things to do like visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum on Cromwell Road. The Victoria and Albert museum is for the admirers of art, fashion, and decor. The museum houses over 1.25 million antiques, and artifacts to depict British life in London during the Victorian ages. You can check out the Italian Renaissance items, post-classical sculptures, and collections from Islamic World, South Asia, Korea, Japan, China, etc. The European Galleries of the museum are in the style of Aston Webb Interiors containing 400-year-old objects.

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What are the best things to do in south Kensington?

  • Watching a performance or attending a music concert at Royal Albert Hall.
  • Taking a guided tour of Royal Kensington Palace.
  • Shopping luxurious items from Harrods.
  • Gaining knowledge from Science Museum.
  • Taking a walk around Kensington Garden.
  • Wandering around the beautiful Victorian Streets.
  • Paying tribute to The Great Consort Prince Albert in the Albert Memorial.
  • Visiting Victoria And Albert Museum.

What is special about South Kensington?

South Kensington is quite special as it is a museum quarter with some of Britain's most prestigious museums like the Science Museum, and Victoria And Albert Museum. Out of all the best things to do in South Kensington, you can explore its age-old streets, and Garden Squares like Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, etc, with a touch of modernization, and revival. It is a politically and historically significant area as it houses Royal Kensington Palace- the residence of the Royals.

What is the best time to visit South Kensington?

The best time to visit South Kensington is between early March to May as these months mark Spring Season. The weather is pleasant and moderately cold with warmer sunny days and slightly chilly nights. Another reason is that this is a low season in South Kensington with lesser crowds. You can enjoy activities, and things to do in South Kensington at cheaper rates compared to other times of the year.

Why is the Science Museum famous?

The Science Museum is special because it showcases the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, genetics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. South Kensington things to do include exploring the Science Museum’s energy hall, exploring space, a modern hall, clock masters museum, wonderland, flight, medicine gallery, and many more

How many days are enough to explore London?

You need 4-5 days to explore the city of London. One of the oldest cities in the World, London is the United Kingdom’s metropolis and cultural hub. In 4-5 days, you can visit important attractions of the city, and try some of the coolest activities.