Things To Do Near Alton Towers

Things To Do Near Alton Towers

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Things To Do Near Alton Towers

There are things to do near Alton towers like exploring the countryside of London in the valleys, and gardens, dining in, visiting churches, and paying homage at the memorial grounds. You can start your journey by traveling through the pasture lands of Dimmingsdale Valley. There are forests surrounding a serene lake, by which you can relax on a picnic. Dovedale Valley is another lush green land spreading 4.8 km across the group of England’s best landscapes- Bunster Hills and Thorpe Cloud.

The gothic-style architectural Ilam Park possesses blooming flowers and nourished trees. If you want to visit a garden and learn about its history, the Ashbourne Recreation Ground & Memorial Gardens has a place for you to relax, and play in an area dedicated to military martyrs of the country. If you are thinking of animal-based exploration, we can start indulging in interactive sessions with kangaroos, and penguins at Peak Wildlife Park. There are two churches- St Giles Catholic Church, and Holy Cross Church, that witnesses mass gatherings of devotees. After doing all the things to do near alton towers, sit and relax in the 400-old restaurant to enjoy the tastiest meals or dance in the grooviest club.

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Visit Dimmingsdale Valley

Located at a distance of 4.1 km from Alton Towers, Dimmesdale Valley is London’s countryside at its best. Exploring the enchanting valley’s woodlands, streams, and green fields is among the freshest things to do around alton towers. This hidden gem lies in North Staffordshire’s tranquil area with pasture lands where the animals graze in delight. The terrain of this valley is uneven as it is low-level steep at some of the points. You can explore the forests, picnic by the serene lake, or just jug around the bushes. Amidst the lush greenery, there lies a shop known as “Rambler’s Retreat”, where you can relax on seats to have drinks, and snacks.

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illam Park
Walk through Ilam Park

Spreading 158 hectares and lying 14.4 km away from Alton Towers, Ilam Park has a sloppy path that leads you to locations atop the hill. The country park is an evening gateway for most residents and tourists. Exploring the park will get you uncover the history and ownership dating back to the 17th century. It was a posh entity owned by the merchants of Ilam Village. The elegant gothic-style architecture is a lovely attraction surrounded by lush greenery to breathe the freshest air. Walking through the park is one of the best things to do near alton towers as you can wander in the green grounds or sit for relaxation.

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Explore Peak Wildlife park

Peak Wildlife Park is at a distance of 9.8 km from Alton Towers and is located in central London. The captivating wildlife park features animals from all continents across the world. Whether it is about Penguins from the Arctic Circle or the Kangaroos from Australia, this park lets you meet and greet your favorite ones. Listed among the coolest things to do near alton towers, the park is dedicated to protecting and nourishing endangered animals. You can catch sight of otters, meerkats, and many rare animals that live naturally in the park’s green field under the protection of trained authorities.

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Pay A Visit To The Blacksmith Arms

Situated merely 10.1 km, staying in at the 400-year-old hotel named Blacksmith Arms is among the nicest things to do around alton towers. The hotel has top-quality fully air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. The hotel encompasses rooms for a stay, a restaurant, and a bar. The restaurant is mainly known for its vintage interiors showcasing its age-old history, and the yummiest brunch in town. Besides owning a restaurant, this place is also an exclusive pub that witnesses young and energetic crowds. The most popular fishes to eat at this hotel are duck fat fondant, king prawns, salmon, etc.

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Stop By Dovedale Valley

Ranking top among the most enchanting things to do near alton towers at a distance of 15.2 km, the Dovedale Valley is your go-to green ground. The beautiful green land with gushy streams flowing through, you can find no other natural landscapes as serene through its uniform terrain. Thorpe Cloud is a limestone hill that surrounds this valley and makes it more beautiful. It looks as if it has never ending pasture lands of the valley that run for 4.8 km and connect to Bunster Hills and Thorpe Cloud. These all group together to make up some of the best countryside locations in England.

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Pray At St Giles Catholic Church

Visiting St Giles Catholic Church at a distance of 9.3km is among the most religious things to do near alton towers. It is among the few Gothic-style architectural churches of England that witness mass gatherings of devotees. The church is visible from distances with its brick construction. It is a Roman Catholic Church that dates back to the 19th century and showcases gothic revival architecture through its renovation. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the church witnesses mass gatherings of believers around 06:30 PM.

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Pay A Visit To Beamhurst Museum

Nearly 12 km from the Alton Towers, lies the Beamhurst Museum is an underrated extravaganza of age-old artifacts. Exploring this museum is among the most interesting things to do around alton towers as you can witness exclusive art, sculptures, and furniture. This is a lesser-known museum near Alton Towers as it opens only on weekends. You can witness antique paintings made from watercolor and oil. There are more than 1000 items exclusive to Uttoxeter. The museum holds permanent and temporary exhibitions where the best historical clocks, music boxes, radios, brew memorabilia, prams, barrel organ, small carriages, pottery, telephone boxes, lamps, etc, are showcased.

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Explore Ashbourne Recreation Ground & Memorial Gardens

Situated 18.2 km from Alton Towers, the Ashbourne Recreation Ground & Memorial Gardens are a hangout spot for relaxation, and games. This place is listed among the most recreational things to do near alton towers as it offers playgrounds for cricket and rugby. The tall trees standing beside the grasslands make it a perfect spot for relaxation. The park has beautiful pavements, and wide roads where you can walk or ride a bicycle. There is a separate child’s play area where your little ones can enjoy to their fullest. You can even explore memorial grounds for the military martyrs.

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Visit The Church Of The Holy Cross

Paying respects at the Church of the Holy Cross provides you with a blissful experience. This church, 14 km away, is historically known for noble, and humanitarian causes. You can visit the church during mass gatherings and become a part of traditional Christian communities to witness religious beliefs. You can be a part of daily traditional services held during the opening hours of the church. Visitors can explore the large Parish hall and peacefully pray inside. Visiting this church is counted among the most generous things to do near alton towers as it organizes workshops to help people in need.

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What are the best things to do near Alton towers?

Visit Ashbourne Recreation Ground & Memorial Gardens: The Ashbourne Recreation Ground & Memorial Gardens are a go-to spot for relaxation, and recreational activities. One of the most interesting things to do around alton towers, this park offers playgrounds for cricket and rugby. Furthermore, you can explore the Children’s play area and memorial grounds.

Stay overnight in the Blacksmith Arms: Exploring a vintage 400-year-old restaurant-cum-hotel is among the most delightful things to do near alton towers. The restaurant is mostly recognized for its retro interiors, which highlight its lengthy history. This location, which also owns a restaurant, is a posh pub frequented by youthful and vibrant people.

What is the best time to visit London?

The best time to visit London is the summer season from March to May. This embarks the start of warm sunny days as the cold temperatures lower every day. The weather is very pleasant and witnesses no rainfall.

What is London famous for?

London is mostly popular for holding two millennia-long histories in Europe, a high-end metropolis, and various attractions like London’s Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, etc. A city is an artistic place for Theater, and music with vibrant streets and busy markets.

How to reach London?

By Air: Make a flight to London's Heathrow International Airport as it offers connectivity to popular countries throughout the world. In addition, the city has five international airports: London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, London Luton Airport, London Southend Airport, and London Stansted Airport.

By Train: Catch a direct train from numerous international cities including Paris, Belgium, Brussels, Stockholm, and Amsterdam to London.

By Bus: There are direct buses from numerous international cities such as Paris, Brussels, and New Delhi to London.

How many days are enough to explore London?

It is recommended that 4-5 days be enough for you to spend in London to explore the city and visit important attractions and enjoy fun activities.