Things To Do Near London Bridge

Things To Do Near London Bridge

Discover The Most Popular Activities To Do Near London Bridge
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Things To Do Near London Bridge

The best things to do near London Bridge are all about exploring the age-old architecture of the city, admiring its skyline, eating the yummiest street food, and watching plays at the many Theaters of the city. The exploration starts with London’s most popular attractions near the bridge like Shard. The 310-meter-tall Shard provides you with stunning views of London from 69th and 72nd floors. The London Bridge lies in the close vicinity of historically rich attractions like Tower Bridge, and Tower of London. Also, the Tower Bridge lets you witness its stunning glass floor while the Tower of London is known for its history of protecting the city, and the Royals. Visit Southwark Cathedral, London’s oldest church dating back to the times of Romans at a distance of 3.3 km from London Bridge.

Shopping, and having street food in the city is among the best things to do around London Bridge. You can visit Borough Market, and Hay’s Galleria for their beautiful architecture, variety of shops and the yummiest eateries in town. When around London Bridge you can also visit some of the replica ships like HMS Belfast and Golden Hinde on display on the banks of Thames. There are several theaters within a 5 km range of London Bridge to entertain you and offer guided tours like Old Operating Theatre Museum, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre. Apart from these, there are certain attractions near London Bridge that showcase the modernism of the city like Tate Modern, and City Hall.

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See London From The Shard

Located at a distance of 4 km from London Bridge, the Shard is the tallest skyscraper in the UK standing at 310 meters. Witnessing the breathtakingly beautiful skyline of London from the Shard’s open-air deck is among the best things to do near London Bridge. The open-air deck nestles on the 72nd floor with winds touching your face at high speed. You can point out the London Bridge and the Ferris Wheel London’s eye from the Shard. On the 69th floor, you can choose to have a drink from one of the two bars and enjoy the piano performance.

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Pay A Visit To HMS Belfast

You can take a tour of the historic warship and museum, HMS Belfast, at a distance of just 4 km from the London Bridge. The ship encompasses 9 decks, and a 6-inch gun turret to make the experience surreal with realistic sound effects recreating the D-day. Witnessing the marine exhibits, renovated sites, and crew members rooms with multi-sensory support is among the best things to do around London Bridge, especially if you are a history buff. You can think of playing interactive games in the warship’s gallery and reach its open-air deck to witness a panorama of London’s skyline from the waters.

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Explore The Tower Of London

Lying merely a kilometer away from London Bridge is the Tower of London, the reason behind this city’s international popularity. Owing to the rich history behind the structure, it is one of the oldest and most preserved sites that still possess Crown Jewels. Once used as a fortified protection to protect the city from its enemies, visiting this place is one of the coolest things to do near London Bridge. Take a guided tour of the tower that went through and witnessed key historical events in the sands of long-lost times

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Stop By Hay's Galleria

Originally a warehouse, Hay’s Galleria is now a fully-functional market, and restaurant hub. The marketplace is designed in the unique style of British-architecture, located 4 km from London’s Bridge. The place is beautiful with its 80s design, and offers you the riverbank views of London. There are many cafes, restaurants, and eateries in this place that offer you the yummiest food in the city. Shopping from Hay’s Galleria market is listed among the top things to do near London Bridge as they offer some of the coolest handmade goods and souvenirs for you to take home.

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city hall
Explore City Hall

Lying approximately 8.5 km from London Bridge, the City Hall is an iconic glass structure designed with oval-shaped bending architecture. Exploring this building is among the best things to do around London Bridge, as it is known to be the futuristic headquarters of the London Assembly, and the Mayor of London. The stunning structure stands still at 150 meters with a rooftop terrace that showcases the iconic skyline of the city of London. You can learn about the building’s design, computerized heat recycling system, and the science behind using a small window system for ventilation.

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Old Operating Theatre Museum
See Old Operating Theatre Museum

Exploring the Old Operating Theatre Museum and understanding its medical history is one of the best things to do near London Bridge. Located 4.1 km from London Bridge, this place is where surgeons worked their best and introduced effective medical treatments using herbs. You can catch the look of the age-old containers with herbs, and other additives while exploring the place. The emergency room and operation room are combined in one, where you can witness old operating tables, medical instruments, and soundproof technologies from the past.

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Shopping At Borough Market

Borough Market is among the popular retails of the city, located at a distance of 3.5 km from the London Bridge. Visiting this market is one of the most fulfilling things to do near London Bridge owing to its mouth-watering food and beverages. You can shop for some artisan-produced food and top-notch organic products in this market. The Borough Market’s Crown Square houses some of the best manufacturers in London. If you want to purchase fresh produce, the Green Market area of this place hosts small traders. The Borough Market Kitchen features street food among 100s of stalls, shops, restaurants, and bars.

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Explore Golden Hinde

You can sit in a time capsule to teleport back to the 16th century in the 1973-based replica of the Elizabethan Galleon ship. Situated 3.5 km from London Bridge, this replica ship lets you click Insta-worthy pictures in its awestruck interiors. You can rent this place for your birthday, wedding anniversary, or maybe a corporate activity. “Escape Room” of the ship is among the most intriguing things to do around London Bridge as it urges you to solve complicated puzzles in a span of 60 minutes.

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Stop By Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is situated 3 km from London Bridge in the Bankside cultural quarters. Just as the name suggests, this theater is a rewarding experience for theater fans and literary lovers. It is the recreation of a 16th-century Elizabethan playhouse where actual plays were held. Taking a guided tour to understand the theater’s history, operation, sound effects, and costume creation for plays is among one of the most interesting things to do around London Bridge. You can visit this place to watch performances like Julius Caesar, Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, and many other iconic plays.

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Check Out Tate Modern

Owing to its extensive art collection, visiting Tate Modern is amongst the most amazing things to do near London Bridge. The structure of Tate Modern is visible from distances in its exceptional combinational geometric shape of triangle and rectangle. The art collection showcases the objects dating back to a 100-years in the past. You can witness the artworks in the form of Paintings, and Sculptures by Pablo Picasso, Jenny Holzer, and Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Post the exploration, you can sit in the terrace bar and enjoy your favorite snack, and drink.

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Admire Southwark Cathedral

Originally a Roman worship place, the Southwark Cathedral is London’s oldest church. Southwark Cathedral is at a distance of 3.3 km from London Bridge and is located on Montague Close. Dating back to 606 AD, the church is well-known for its Statue of Shakespeare, and a charming stained glass window dedicated to his iconic characters. Taking a tour of the Ancient Church’s Harvard Chapel, John Gower’s Tomb, and High Altar Screen are among the most religious things to do around London Bridge.

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Visit The Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre

Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre is a 180-seat theater cum resto-bar located 2.9 km from London Bridge. It is also home to rehearsal rooms where you can catch practice performances for events. Being a spectator in the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre for its plays, music events, live music, and stand-up comedy, is among the most entertaining things to do near London Bridge. This place is called the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre owing to the fact that the French Chocolate Company of the same name moved to London for capital expansion in the 19th century.

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What are the best things to do near London Bridge?

The best things to do near London Bridge are viewing the city’s skyline from the Shard, visiting HMS Belfast, and Hay's Galleria. Also explore the area by visiting attractions like the Tower Of London, City Hall, Borough Market, Golden Hinde, Tate Modern, Southwark Cathedral, and the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre.

What is special about London?

The history of the city that spreads over two millennia is what makes London special. The age-old architecture is prevalent throughout its area despite the modern cityscape. The attractions like The Shard, HMS Belfast, Tower Of London, Hay's Galleria, City Hall, Borough Market, Golden Hinde, Tate Modern, Southwark Cathedral, Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre, etc, makes London special, and famous in the rest of the World.

How To Reach London?

By Air: You can take a flight to Heathrow International Airport in London. It is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and offers connectivity to major countries of the world. Else, you can take flights to other international airports in London: The London City Airport, London Luton Airport, Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, and London Southend Airport.

By Train: You can take a direct train to London from many International cities like Belgium, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc.

By Bus: Take a direct bus from many international cities like Brussels, Paris, New Delhi, etc.

Why is the Tower of London famous?

The Tower of London is famous because of its fascinating history and its preservation of Crown Jewels. It is a former fortification built by William the Conqueror to protect England from its enemies. The tower is historically known to guard royal possessions and the family for 500 years during wars and rebellions.

How far is Tower Bridge from London Bridge?

The distance between Tower Bridge and London Bridge is about a kilometer. The Tower Bridge is a two-tower system built during Victorian times with its gothic architecture. The main reason for visiting Tower Bridge is to witness London through Glass Floor.