About Things To Do In London With Toddlers

With a tonne of kids-friendly free museums, parks, centres, and amusing things to do in London with toddlers, a trip to London with them will surely be a memorable one. Some of them promote a child's holistic development, while others just let young children play and enjoy themselves.

From the Jeppe Hein water fountains at the Southbank Centre to an entire day of sensory activities at the Diana Memorial Playground, every toddler-friendly activity in London can keep them amused and entertained the entire time.

Take your toddler for a buggy ride along the Thames River or to the top of 20 Fenchurch Street to explore London's highest public garden. Go to the Southbank to see some street performers or to the Jubilee Gardens for a picnic. Visit the Science Museum or the Natural Science Museum with toddlers as they have specialised sections and activities for their tiny guests.

You can also take your young kids to one of London's many parks or gardens to watch them enjoy some ME time. The majority of the attractions and activities to do in London with toddlers under the age of five offer limitless enjoyment for no cost, making visiting the city with a young child a fabulous experience.

Things To Do In London With Toddlers

From free museums and cultural centres to various parks and gardens, there are plenty of things to do in London with toddlers. The toddlers want unrestrained play, which London's playgrounds offer. While the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum offer sensory experiences, the Barbican Centre has wonderful activities and Squish Space for under 5s.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Discover London Transport Museum

The museum's vehicles and exhibits entertain children since they can ride and enjoy them. The Kids Play Zone & Family Station is intended for children aged seven and under. They had a fantastic time here, especially when they dressed up and pretended to be bus and riverboat drivers. There is also a toy shop, a lost and found, a mechanic's section, and other areas for children to explore. Visiting the museum's baby soft play area is among the greatest things to do with toddlers in London.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Go On A Bus Ride

The RV1 bus from Tower Gateway down the southern side of the river via the London Eye to Covent Garden is one of the best things to do in London with toddlers. These short and reasonable tours are ideal for toddlers who like a bus ride but cannot sit still for a long tour. Another good option is the Routemaster 11 bus, which runs from Fulham to Liverpool Street via Downing Street, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Visit The Sky Garden

Visiting London's highest public garden, which is a vibrant place with large grounds for running around, is one of the most fun activities to do in London with toddlers. While the youngsters are having fun, you may enjoy the stunning 360-degree views of the urban cityscape from this vantage point. You and your children can enjoy the lush greenery, artistically landscaped gardens, observation decks, and an outdoor terrace, and purchese cakes and pastries from the onsite café.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Visit The Science Museum

The Science Museum has spaces reserved exclusively for young children. While the Pattern Pod, which offers multi-sensory activities like recognising and duplicating patterns, is best suited for children under the age of eight. The Garden is an interactive gallery centred around light, sound, water, and creation where toddlers may learn about shadows, reflections, sinking, and floating. There are many other interactive galleries here that are appropriate for 2- to 5-year-olds and include the Red Arrows flying simulator at an additional cost.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Play At The Jubilee Gardens

Take your child to Jubilee Gardens, which offers plenty of space for a picnic as well as a little play area and a large playground. Kids will have fun there while enjoying some entertaining things to do in London with toddlers, such as running, playing on slides, and more. There are two rope swings, a walk-the-plank swing log, a smaller version of the large net, and a fort with a slide on the playground. A farm of wooden animals greets this younger group at the main gate, adding to their joy.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Explore Natural History Museum

There are plenty of activities and attractions for young children and toddlers in the huge Natural Science Museum. They can view a moving, life-size T-Rex at the Dinosaur Exhibition and experience one of the most exciting activities to do in London with toddlers. Or, investigate numerous specimen trays filled with bones, shells, insects, and animal skins with microscopes for younger kids. Additionally, they may visit the Treasures Collection, touch the objects and learn about them.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Have Fun At Diana Memorial Playground

One of the most enjoyable activities to do in London with toddlers is to spend some time with them at the Diana Memorial Playground. Your kids will have a blast and good memories of their time there. The playground's "Peter Pan" theme play area and magnificent wooden pirate ship amuse kids of all ages. Toddlers enjoy playing on the wooden pirate ship, the sensory trail, and the beach. They enjoy themselves while taking over a playground teepee set.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Pay A visit To Greenwich Park

Toddlers love running around in Greenwich Park, which is part of the Greenwich Maritime UNESCO World Heritage site. Kids especially enjoy scaling the hill in this Royal Park to take in the fantastic views of the city. Combining a trip to the park with a boat ride down the River Thames to Greenwich, which is one of the most enjoyable things to do with toddlers in London, will allow you to share some special moments with your children.

Things To Do With Toddlers
See The Pelicans At St James’s Park

Visit the lake in St James’s Park with your toddlers and spot a variety of birds like ducks, swans, parakeets and pelicans with them. Enjoy a stroll around the lake and admire the beautiful flowerbeds. Spot some pelicans along the lake or on the park benches and attend a feeding session next to the Duck Island Cottage. Take them to the playground, which has swings, see-saws, and wooden climbing structures and is appropriate for kids under seven-year.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Discover Children’s Story Centre

Taking your kids to the UK's first Story Centre is certainly one of the most entertaining things to do with toddlers in London as it allows them to fully utilise their imaginations. The Story World and Story Garden use story builders to bring various tales to come to life and conduct storytelling sessions and exhibitions to amuse toddlers. A play area with fantastic equipment for picnics, a sensory room indoors, a station for creativity, and dress-up clothing is also there.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Enjoy At The Barbican Centre

The Barbican offers some fantastic family-friendly activities for kids who are more into the theatre. Its Squish Space has a free play area for kids under five years filled with toys designed to inspire parents and kids to learn through play. There is London's second-largest Conservatory that offers a free tour of the tropical haven, making it ideal for families. Also, visiting its cafe is a delight as with every adult ordering a main dish, a child under 8 years eats free.

Things To Do With Toddlers
Visit Southbank Centre

Visit the Southbank Centre in the summer and enjoy one of the most amazing things to do in London with toddlers while exploring its lovely Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden. Also, have fun with your toddlers under the gentle jets of the Jeppe Hein water fountains. Children may participate in a variety of free activities, including dances, musical performances, and storytelling. Alternatively, spend a fantastic summer afternoon at the Disco Loco, which comprises DJing and entertainment to keep everyone amused.

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