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Thorpe park is a paradise unlike anything else, including over 30 exhilarating rides, entertainment, as well as live shows. It is the UK's must see site for unlimited pleasure alongside family and friends. Thorpe Park, one of the best theme parks in London, is the destination to really be if you're a die hard adrenaline junkie. Get those Thorpe Park tickets today if you want to experience an adrenaline rush like no other!

Thorpe Park has got something for everyone and if you are a little kid, you will have the most amazing experience riding the attractions meant for young visitors in the Little Thrill Rides. The adults are guaranteed a wonderful experience at the park as well, owing to all the extreme and moderate rides at the park. Children below the age of 3 years have free entry and there are various rides to expand their young minds and treat them to a fun experience. Bring your entire family and have a gala time, scream your heart out with delight and take full advantage of the numerous rides at Thorpe Park London.

Why Book Thorpe Park Tickets?

By booking the Thorpe Park tickets online, you pave the path for wonderful discounts and combo deals! You will be able to access all the rides, and also get some special features included in your ticket. You will be guaranteed an entry into Thorpe Park, without having to wait in long lines.

Thorpe Park
  • Get to have the most fun adventure of your life with the 30+ rides featured at Thorpe Park London.
  • Bring your kids here and watch them gleefully enjoy the Little Thrill rides of the park.
  • Come here with your friends group and challenge each other on an epic roller coaster ride to see who is the last standing man.
  • Experience the many themes incorporated in the various zones of the park and take your fun up a notch.
  • Have the adrenaline course up your veins as you try some of the extreme adventure rides in the Thorpe Theme Park.

Intense Thrill Rides At Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is the ideal place for you if you are an adventure lover. The numerous rides and attractions it offers will make your heart palpate and your mind go dizzy. If adrenaline courses through your veins instead of blood, this is the perfect destination for your London visit.

Thorpe Park
Black Mirror Labyrinth

At Thorpe Park London, immerse yourself in the unsettling near future encounter with the UK's premier Black Mirror adventure. Everyone must have their photograph taken while approaching the activity; this is a vital aspect of the entertainment, not merely a photo session. Laser beams, fog, flashing lights, air cannons, as well as other visual illumination elements are also used, all of which have a big effect on the whole ambiance. The narrative's unexpected, and it's great to be there in the middle of it all, creating an authentic experience.

Thorpe Park

In Thorpe Park's Amity section, Stealth is a propelled amusement park ride. This roller coaster train sprints to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds, rotates 90 degrees, then spins you around. Stealth, like many other roller coasters, has rollbacks whenever a ride fails to finish the course. Rollbacks, on the other hand, are risk free, so you have nothing to be worried about.

Thorpe Park
The Swarm

The Swarm is a metal amusement park ride situated in the United Kingdom's Thorpe Park. Riders may travel at speeds closer to 57 mph as well as an intensity of four times gravitational acceleration. The attraction comprises a partly ruined chapel, a wrecked aircraft, an overturned ambulance, a partially submerged fire truck, and a broken helicopter, so it reproduces the feeling of soaring through a disaster site. It has garnered positive reviews and is considered to be among the best thrill rides of its kind.

Thorpe Park

The park's first main attraction is Colossus, a metal amusement park at Thorpe Park in Surrey. The Colossus roller coaster has ten inversions, making it the largest in the world. The attraction includes a steep loop, a cobra roll, two corkscrews, and five heartline rolls, all of which are designed to make your skull spin. The ride's overall theme is the ruins of an ancient Atlantean civilization.

Thorpe Park
SAW - The Ride

SAW - The Ride, is a featured attraction of Thorpe Park London and it's styled after the Saw cinematic universe, with an isolated dark ambiance and a lengthy waiting line that make multiple parallels to the movie. The attraction features two cars and the riders then ride into a pool of blood where they are sprayed with blood to make the experience more authentic and ghastly.

Thorpe Park
Nemesis Inferno

The Nemesis Inferno is a 750 meter long structure inspired by an active tropical volcano. It is a unique ride which blurs the aspect of reality and fantasy, and is guaranteed to make your heart beat fast. With time, Nemesis Inferno has grown into a much more intense journey than it was in its early seasons.

Thorpe Park

In 1999, Samurai was erected at the adjacent Chessington World of Adventures before being moved to Thorpe Park in 2003. It's a simple roller coaster that drew mixed reviews when it originally came to Thorpe Park. However, as time went on, the number of tourists grew, and the ride became one of the most popular in the current day.

Thorpe Park
Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is a massive 'Shoot the Chutes' splash attraction situated in Thorpe Park, accessible with your Thorpe Park tickets. The attraction was the tallest water coaster in Europe when it opened in 2000, and it held that status until 2002. The trip takes place in "Amity Cove," a 1960s New England style seaside town that has been flooded. The voyage begins with a three boat ride and from there it takes many twists and turns which will entertain the visitors throughout the ride.

Thorpe Park

If you want some extreme adrenaline rushing encounter, the Vortex is the perfect place for you. Passengers get seated in chairs organized in some kind of a circular pattern facing internally where every gondola has four seats. At 15rpm, the roller coaster sways back and forth, exceeds the threshold altitude of 20 meters and a maximum tilt of 120 degrees.

Thorpe Park
The Walking Dead Ride

The Walking Dead Ride, based on the popular television programme, will take you on a whole new journey. This is Thorpe Park's first non-powered thrill attraction. The roller coaster ride, housed in a gigantic blue and terracotta pyramidal edifice, included a mix of lighting, beams, and audio, as well as a completely interior riding loop. If you're a big fan of the TV show, you won't want to miss The Walking Dead Ride.

Thorpe Park

At Thorpe Park, Rush is an exciting roller coaster with no revolutions, swirls, or severe drops. Thorpe Park's Rush allows visitors to experience rapidly increasing acceleration up to 4Gs. Riding Rush brings back childhood memories, but this time the swing is 75 feet tall and moves at 50 mph. With a 45-minute average wait, Rush is one of Thorpe Park's most underappreciated attractions.

Thorpe Park Tickets

Detonator Bombs Away is located beside Nemesis Inferno with in the park's Angry Birds Land section. It is a little drop structure with a height of only 115 feet, however, the 3 sec fall makes up for the appearance. The surprisingly amusing music starts, backed by relentless ticking, counting the seconds to your explosion, and the sound is really a part of the trip as the experience itself. Visitors will be landing on solid ground in 3 seconds, struggling to keep their gut in tact!

Exhilarating Fun Rides At Thorpe Park

With over 30 exciting rides, Thorpe Park is one of the most visited theme parks in London. Feel the excitement running through your body as you board on the amazing Storm Surge water ride. All of these rides are based on different themes offering you varied experiences to enjoy.

Thorpe Park
Storm Surge

Storm Surge is a thrilling water ride, which is one among several featured rides in Thorpe Park. It's situated near the park's Tidal Wave themed attraction, in the Amity section. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 3 feet 7 inch, open to almost everyone. Because the attraction does not get riders particularly soaked, a variety of water elements have been installed, such as guest operated water pistols, overhanging sprays, nozzles, and geysers, all of which are sure to give you a splashy time.

Thorpe Park
Depth Charge

The very first multiple laned water slide in the UK, 'Depth Charge,' is located in Fantasy Reef, which is a unique themed section. Depth Charge is a slide, in which you might compete with your buddies in yellow rubber floating rafts downhill. You'll plunge over 40 feet on an inflatable raft into a water splash below. The pace of your raft appears to be determined by the passengers' bodyweight and the lane you are seated in, since some rafts appear to float faster than the others.

Quantum, Thorpe Park

Quantum is a fast paced flying carpet attraction that will have you trembling. The attraction, which debuted in 2003 at Thorpe Park, produces 2G acceleration to blow your minds off. It boasts another of the shortest lines in the park, and there are occasions when there isn't even a line!

King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems
King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems

King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems is the highlight of Thope’s Park, particularly made keeping the interests of both adults and kids in mind and accessible with the Thorpe Park tickets. It is an Angry Bird inspired ride to attract people of all ages. You will be made to sit in a car themed like the characters from the popular game where you will bump with the bad Piggies, the villains. It is a ride located in the Angry Birds Land, hence will require you to walk some distance from the main gate. The minimum height required to ride on this ride is 1.1 meter.

Rumba Rapids
Rumba Rapids

Rumba Rapids, previously known as Thunder River, is one of the oldest rides in Thorpe theme park. It is a major ride of the Thorpe Park, but is not meant for kids, only meant for extreme thrill seekers. It is a ride of approximately 5 minutes and has a capacity of 1000 riders per hour. Go on a ride on a boat where you will be all drenched in water, that’s where all the fun begins. Even at the exit gate, a reptile on the wall will be drenching you with water.

Thorpe Park
Storm In A Teacup

This famous rotating tea cup attraction was reconstructed in 2004 to match in with adjacent Tidal Wave and was previously called as "Tea Cup Twister." Visitors ride the tea cup carriages that circle about a carousel in one of Thorpe Park's earliest attractions. A disk in the cup's base allows visitors to regulate how fast it spins, so you could stop the ride if you are nauseous.

Little Thrill Rides At Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is not just a fun place for the adults to have exhilarating experiences, it is also a place to watch your children laugh gleefully and have a wonderful time at the various fun rides. The Little Thrill Rides at Thorpe Park allows your kids to ride on many of the attractions it features, which are specially designed for your little toddlers.

Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride

Mr Monkey's Banana Ride is basically a smaller, family friendly version of the large swinging pirate ship in most theme parks. This one is for your little toddlers which is easily accessible with the thorpe park tickets. You kids will have a gala time swinging to and fro, and you too are guaranteed to enjoy it with them. In a giant banana, swing with your children and watch them laugh and scream with glee.

New! High Striker

New! High Striker is a bouncy ride for our young visitors, for them to have a wonderful time. If you are tired of having to accompany your kids everywhere, you could simply bring them to the High Striker, so that they could independently enjoy themselves with other children. This will enable them to bond with the other kids and make lifetime friendships. The minimum height required for this ride is 0.9 meter. Children below the age of 16 must be under adult supervision at all times.

Flying Fish

The Flying Fish roller coaster is a fantastic family friendly attraction that would be one of your favorites of the day. You just required your Fast Track for your family adventure because it allowed everyone to enjoy however many time as you desired. The usual line is barely 20 minutes long with or without the Fast Track. For this ride, you must be at least 0.9 meters tall. Adults must supervise children under the age of sixteen.

New! The Playground

The playground is a pleasant location for kids to test their skills and interact with their peers. There is a variety of play equipment for the kids to use, which will help them develop their motor skills and social abilities in a variety of scenarios. Your children will also discover the genuine meaning of teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as take a step towards becoming beautiful adults in the future

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  • Location- Staines Rd, Chertsey KT16 8PN, United Kingdom

  • Timing- 10 am - 5 pm

  • Best Time To Visit - The best time to visit Thorpe Park would be from the month of April to the month of May. Due to the reopening of schools in the United Kingdoms, the crowd is much smaller than usual. It's a pleasant, if not flawless, day. It would result in shorter queues, making the entire experience less stressful and memorable.

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