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Discover London’s awe-inspiring transport icons and groundbreaking designs right from the 1800s till the present day with your Transport Museum tickets. Located right at the center of the Covent Garden Piazza the museum is also a heritage site that has kept the city’s transport network preserved over the years. It beautifully showcases the history and growth of the transport system as well as the various aspects of transportation systems in London that range from buses and tubes to taxis and trains.

Book your Transport Museum tickets to witness London’s rich history covering the last 200 years and understand how the city’s transport system aided in the up-gradation of culture and society. Get a peek into how it helped the local people and became a framework for what the city has been shaped into today. Here you can see some of the capital city’s most iconic transportation systems like the red bus as well as the first underground steam train of the world that dates back to the 1890s.

You can also see exhibits of ancient blueprints and transportation designs and learn about the role that the famous London Underground transit system played during WWII at the Transport Museum London. This is an absolute must-visit for history buffs and those who are keen on learning about various aspects of transportation.

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London Transport Museum Admission Tickets
London Transport Museum Admission Tickets

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Why To Book Transport Museum Tickets?

One of the best ways to enjoy your visit to the museum in a hassle-free manner is by booking your Transport Museum tickets online. By doing this you can enjoy your visit without having to stand in long queues if you were to get your tickets in person at the venue. Besides, the museum keeps only a very limited number of walk-in tickets for purchase on the day of the visit, which run out very fast. Moreover, when you book your tickets online in advance you can also avail some of the most lucrative deals, offers, and discounts.

Transport Museum
  • Step into the wondrous world of London’s transportations with your Transport Museum tickets and learn all about its history right from the 1800s.
  • Witness some of the most iconic vehicles of London that have been preserved here and trace the city’s transportation system.
  • Get a chance to learn interesting facts about how the London Underground transit system played a crucial role during World War II.
  • Get a closer look at the ancient transportations designs and blueprints which have been kept on display in the halls of the museum.
  • Make the most of this opportunity and see the world’s first underground railway, other historic vehicles, graphic art, and world-famous objects

Things To See and Do In Transport Museum

There are a plethora of things you can see and do with your Transport Museum tickets apart from delving into the history and growth of the city’s transportation network over the years. Explore the museum’s dedicated play zone for families, get to drive or fix the modern-day tube train, hop onto a bus, and test your reactions against a train computer.

Transport Museum
Jump On The flying posters

Make your way to the London by Design Gallery on the ground floor of the museum and engage in a fun activity where you jump on moving pictures present on the floor. The gallery exhibits some of the momentous design periods in the city’s transport heritage. Here you can also trace the evolution of the modern graphic poster that revolutionized the fields of advertising and publicity when it first launched in the 1890s.

Transport Museum
Build A tunnel ring

This is a very interesting and challenging activity that you can enjoy with your kids by using your Transport Museum tickets. Head to the ground floor of the museum and find your way to the area just outside the Digging Deeper gallery where you will find several blocks placed. See if you can build the perfect tunnel ring from these blocks that are strong and wide enough for a train to travel through time. As you will learn at the museum, in the olden days the tunnel lining rings were built by digging huge trenches, laying tracks, building a brick archway, and then resurfacing.

Transport Museum
Find Where You Live

Enjoy this fun activity when you book your Transport Museum tickets where you get to test your directional skills. Go to the massive map of the city of London that is placed at the very center of the museum and try to point out the exact spot where you live or staying at the time. You can also check out the popular buildings in the city, squares, museums, churches, and other attractions. It is an interactive map that is very easy to use with the help of color indicators. Use your mouse to move across the map, zoom in, zoom out, and check out the details of any place in London.

Transport Museum
Play In All Aboard

Find your way to the museum’s dedicated play zone, All Aboard, for families particularly if you are here with children who are between the ages of 0 - 7 years. Explore the massive play zone with your little ones by using the Transport Museum tickets. Spanning across the ground and first floors of the museum, it comprises a fleet of mini vehicles including trains, boats, as well as an Emirates Airline cable car. Kids can dress up as mechanics, announcers, cleaners, drivers, riverboat captains, and even sail the Thames Nipper.

Transport Museum
Be A Future Engineer!

If you are intrigued by the engineering skills that went behind each of the displays at the museum, here’s your big chance to become one. Grab your Transport Museum tickets today and try your hand at fixing or even driving a contemporary tube train. Head to the Future Engineers Gallery located on the ground floor of the museum where you scan your palm with the latest in ticket technology. Get to ‘drive’ a modern Elizabeth line train and see your face on the cover of The Engineer Magazine.

Transport Museum
See The Horses

Navigate to the top floor of the London Transport Museum where a big surprise awaits you. See a life-sized replica of horses and horse-drawn carriages adorning this section of the museum and also showcasing a time around the start of the nineteenth century when there were no buses or railways in London. Book your Transport Museum tickets to witness how horsepower and carts were used during the time to transport goods and ferry to and from markets and the docks.

Transport Museum
Eye Spy The Mannequins

To make the various means of transport on display at the museum more realistic, the use of several mannequins has been made across different sections here. These life-sized dolls have been created in various life-like positions and have also been dressed keeping the olden era in mind. It is interesting to watch them in the old vehicles attired in old outfits. So get your Transport Museum tickets and test yourself to see if you can spot all of these mannequins placed in different corners of the museum.

Transport Museum
Drive The Half Bus

Check out the bus that has been cut in half and placed at the very heart of the Transport Museum London. You can also hop on board and onto the driver’s seat and try your hand at the big steering wheel. You will find this area near the Transportorium and the black taxi, which is particularly fascinating for the museum’s younger visitors. It also lends them the freedom of giving vent to their curiosity and experimenting minds.

Transport Museum
Interactive Train Challenge

Explore one of the newest installations in the Transport Museum London where you get to put your reactions against a train computer. Try the Smooth Operator game and test yourself to see if you can press the right buttons at the right time and open and shut the doors fast enough for all the passengers who are aboard your train. Compete against a digital self-drive system that moves trains, brakes, and accelerates until the next station.

Popular Events In Transport Museum

The Transport Museum London not only features some of the most fascinating displays tracing the city’s transportation system across 200 years but also hosts a variety of interesting and interactive events to keep guests engaged. Each event here has a distinct theme connected to the museum’s temporary exhibitions as well as a program of workshops, activities, and talks.

Transport Museum

Visit the Transport Museum London to not only witness the exclusive displays here but also to get a deep insight into the city’s transportation system and various other aspects related to it. Join the talks held at the museum and hear from experts, curators, guest speakers, and other eminent personalities from the field of transport, as they deliver a range of discourse every year. The topics covered include everything from maps, architecture, and poster art, to buses, trains, and moquettes.

Transport Museum
Heritage Days Out

This is your unique opportunity to explore the historical city of London, in vintage style. Enjoy the timeless feel as you embark on a heritage vehicle that will take you around the British capital. These exclusive day trips across London are extremely popular where you also get to see the fascinating sights the city has to offer along with witnessing some of its most iconic attractions from the plush interiors of your old-world carriage.

Transport Museum
Heritage Vehicle Outings

Going for a Heritage Vehicle Outing is a great way to enjoy a first-hand experience of the antique vehicles on display at the Transport Museum London. The museum runs a variety of heritage rail and road events regularly ranging from steam train events at locations in and around London to art deco Tube trips in Metroland. You can learn all about these events and outings from the museum’s e-newsletter and then book your seat accordingly.

Know Before You Book Transport Museum Tickets

Essential Information
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Transport Museum

Location: London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC2E 7BB

Timings: The museum is open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. The last time of entry is 5 PM

Best Time To Visit: the best time to visit the London Transport Museum is during the early hours of the morning when the gates open to the general public. There aren’t many visitors during this time allowing you to explore the place in peace. It is also advisable to go on weekdays rather than weekends to avoid the majority of the crowds.